Canadians tell TripAdvisor their fave travel items: Canon, Tims…

A cup of Tim’s and a pack of Trident.
Trip Advisor, the world’s largest travel site, this week announced the winners of its inaugural Travelers’ Choice Awards for Travel Favourites in Canada. The awards honour top brands in various categories, ranging from favourite lip balm to favourite camera, and there were 21 winners in Canada.
I’m happy to say I agree wholeheartedly on the coffee, as folks chose Tim Hortons as their favourite spot. I love a latte at Starbucks, but the regular coffee is way too much for me and I much prefer Tim’s.logo-en
I also like that Canadians like Canon cameras, as I’ve pretty much used Canon exclusively for years now. I had a bit of trouble with my G12 but I got a new G15 a month ago and it’s been great. It takes fabulous photos and has a really sharp lens and you also can change settings if you like to fool around with your camera a bit.
Here are a few other favourite things named by Canadians:
Favourite backpack: Roots (nice to support the local economy)
Favourite carry-on bag: Samsonite
Favourite flip-flops: Crocs (no accounting for taste)
Favourite swimwear: Victoria’s Secret (nice)
Favourite guidebooks: Lonely Planet
Favourite travel magazine: National Geographic (no votes for Victoria Secret models of Tahiti, I guess)
Favourite rental car: Enterprise
Favourite lip balm: Burt’s Bees (I see it all the time but haven’t tried it)
Favourite gum and mints: Trident
Favourite snack bar: Nature Valley
Favourite bottled water: Dasani (I love Dasani, personally)

Good stuff.

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