National Geographic loves Canada. Naturally!!

National Geographic Travel has launched a product that should give our fair nation a nice boost. They’ve taken some well-known travel writers and some of the magazine’s best photographers and produced what they’ve billed as “a breathtaking, destination-based, digital super mag unparalleled in its comprehensive coverage of any single country.”

Aw, shucks. Just for little old us?

In what’s being called “the world’s first digital super mag,” (I don’t know if that’s true but it SOUNDS good), the National Geographic folks are showcasing “all-new content from every Canadian province and territory.” The feature launched at Nationalgeographic.com/canada50 on Oct. 1 and more content will roll out all month.

“This is a celebration of all that is Canada,” said Keith Bellows, editor-in-chief of National Geographic Traveler and a native Canadian. “For anyone planning a trip to Canada, this massive digital content is a must read.”

Aside from spectacular photography and intriguing stories, the super mag’s content includes practical travel information on when to go, where to stay, how to get around, what to eat or drink, what to buy, and what to read or watch before you go. There are also helpful links as well as a fun fact about each destination.

“Canada is a place for exploring, and we are thrilled to share some of the most immersive travel experiences that our country offers,” said Greg Klassen, Senior Vice-President Marketing Strategy and Communications, Canadian Tourism Commission. “We are so pleased to align ourselves with the great National Geographic brand and its extensive travel experience and reach. This innovative initiative will inspire the world to visit Canada.”

The content falls into four categories: Country Unbound: Civilization and nature in harmony; Urban Places: Exploring great cityscapes; Wild Spaces: Wonders of the outdoors; and Paradise Found: Retreats to restore the soul.

The scope of the coverage is impressive, and features a mix of well-known and soon-to-be discovered experiences and destinations from coast to coast to coast.

“Canada has 33 million inhabitants and is known for more than Neil Young, Arcade Fire, and Margaret Atwood,” Bellows said. (Thank God he didn’t mention Justin Bieber). “It is a world-class country that offers a captivating array of scenic, cultural, urban, and intellectual wonders (including Dinosaur and Nahanni, which these days, are both quite accessible). Canadians acknowledge that Mounties, the maple leaf, hockey, and pancake syrup are durable national images. But what is truly remarkable is that the 50 Places of a Lifetime—Canada’s Places of a Lifetime—you’ll find here reveal a country more nuanced and inviting discovery than even Canadians themselves realize. Forget the clichés. You’ll discover a country as original and unique as any in the world.”

The super mag will include four galleries of about 25 original photos each in the following categories with links back to destination articles: Canada’s Cities, Coastal & Countryside Canada, Landscapes of Canada, and Animals of Canada.

In case you’re wondering, and I certainly was, there are 11 places singled out in beautiful British Columbia, including Tofino (see photo at left, with the wonderful Wickaninnish Inn) Ontario got seven mentions, which is nice; Agawa Canyon, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Wards wickaninnish_inn_britishcolumbia.jpeg.size.xxlarge.letterboxand Algonquin Islands in the Toronto harbour (that’s a nice touch), Georgian Bay, Quetico Provincial Park and Muskoka/Algonquin Provincial Park.

A nice boost for Canada, I would think. And thanks to National Geographic for the attention, which is no doubt deserved for a great country like ours!

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