Justin Bieber’s London trip is best and worst celebrity travel moment of 2013


Celebrities and travel, it seems, go together like popcorn and butter.

Travelocity.ca has released the results of a new national survey which showcased the top 12 celebrity travel moments of 2013. Interestingly, Canadians appear to be evenly split on pop prince Justin Bieber, whose much publicized brawl in Britain earlier this year, tied for both the most and least memorable moment of 2013.

“Bieber’s antics while travelling the world have been highly publicized and this was really the moment that started it all,” said Travelocity.ca resident travel expert, Brian Simpson. “So, it’s no surprise it’s the moment that resonates most prominently with Canadians.”

But it seems Canadians don’t want to follow in Bieber’s footsteps, as his London trip was the moment Canadians were least likely to recreate.

And while Canadian women chose Bieber’s London trip to be the most memorable, Canadian men chose Charlie Sheen’s highly publicized trip to Scotland in search of the loch ness monster as their most memorable moment of the year.  They also chose Leonardo DiCaprio’s yacht trip to Ibiza, Spain as the moment they would most want to recreate for their own, while Canadian women most wished they could recreate Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger’s trip to Portofino, Italy where they exchanged vows.

“It seems Canadian men were more inclined to recreate an adventure trip with buddies, while women were more likely to want a romantic European experience with a partner.” said Simpson.

For the record, I would rather go away on a romantic European experience with my wife than play golf with my buddies. (And, yes, I hope my wife is reading this).

Overall, Canadians were quite fond of their own home grown talent, with Bieber, and Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger’s travel moments ranking higher than Hollywood heavyweights like Jay-Z and Beyonce’s highly publicized trip to Cuba, the number four most memorable moment of the year and Rihanna’s highly shared trip to Barbados following her Diamonds world tour, the number five moment of the year. And the twerking wasn’t working for Canadians, with Miley Cyrus’ Bahamian break from then fiancé Liam, coming in as the eighth most memorable travel moment for Canadians.

Canadians were also fond of seeing stars in more exotic locations like, Portofino, Italy; Ibiza, Spain; Sydney, Australia and the glens and lochs of Scotland, with these locales coming in as the top four most desired moments of the year Canadians want to recreate.

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It just got easier for Canadians to book a car in other parts of the world, especially Europe.

Discount Car and Truck Rentals this week announced a new alliance with Europcar. Under this new partnership, Discount Car and Truck Rentals will provide customers across Canada with fast and convenient access to one of the largest rental car outlets located in more than 130 countries in Europe, Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

Discount is one of Canada’s biggest vehicle rental firms, and the only one owned and operated by Canadians, announced a new alliance today with Europcar, a car rental network operating in more than 130 countries.

In addition to giving travellers access from Canada to Europcar’s international network, Discount Car and Truck Rentals, with nearly 300 locations across Canada, will also serve Europcar customers from around the world who are looking for a car or truck here in Canada.

“The entire Discount Car and Truck Rentals team is very excited about this new alliance. For the first time in our 33-year-history, we are able to offer the entire globe to our Canadian customers and clients by partnering with Europcar,” said Jay Singer, President and CEO of Toronto-based Discount Car and Truck Rentals. “We have the utmost confidence that Europcar will take great care of our Canadian customers. As well, we look forward to reciprocating with the highest level of service to their customers and clients visiting our beautiful country.”

Roland Keppler, CEO of Europcar Group, which is based in France and owned by Eurazeo, one of the leading listed investment companies in Europe said the alliance with Discount is part of the company’s overall objective to expand its presence and services for customers in North America.

“The new partnership with Discount is the next step in our strategy to further develop our global footprint and extend our opportunities in the world’s car rental market, especially in North America,” Keppler said.

Discount has nearly 300 neighbourhood branch offices located within 15 minutes of a whopping 90 per cent of Canadians.



Exclusive Resorts has launched a GATEWAY card that gives Canadians some great deals in fabulous properties around the globe.à

The card allows non-members to indulge in 21 days of Exclusive Resorts vacations in the company’s inventory of villas and residences around the world.

I’ve never stayed at an Exclusive Resort, but I’m familiar with some of the properties and can attest to their quality. From what I’ve seen and heard, these are some of the most, well, exclusive holiday homes you’ll find in the world.

For ten years, Exclusive Resorts has set an exceptional precedent in customized luxury vacations for affluent travellers. Designed exclusively for the luxury vacation market, Exclusive Resorts is credited with creating a new segment within the resort-dominated landscape, combining the highly personalized service of 5-star hotels with the space and privacy of multi-million dollar villas. To date, the Club’s ever-evolving vacation offering boasts over 300 residences in 75 destinations around the globe, in addition to providing privileged access to once-in-a-lifetime journeys and events across all seven continents.

Priced at $40,000, the GATEWAY card provides cardholders with 21 days of travel at $1905/night redeemable over three years at any of Exclusive Resorts’ one-, to five-bedroom residences. With no initiation fee or long-term commitment, GATEWAY provides all the perks of vacation home ownership without the hassle and expense of property maintenance. In addition, cardholders gain access to a diverse collection of Exclusive Journeys and Events. These custom excursions are created exclusively for Exclusive Resorts and feature exotic locations like Kenya and Borneo, or VIP entrée to Milan Fashion Week and The Masters.




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