Quebec offers up great travel all year long, plus a new app for the Dominican Republic

qubA province for all seasons. And one that absolutely LOVES Ontario.

The folks from Quebec Tourism threw a fabulous cocktail reception at a cool gallery in Toronto’s Distillery District on Tuesday, talking up the fabulous, year-round destinations they have to offer.

It’s pretty remarkable when you think about it. They have awesome cities like Montreal with great festivals like Montreal en Lumiere, which started today and goes to March 2. They also have Carnival in Quebec City, which just wrapped up another fabulous season.

They also have some of North America’s best skiing and snowboarding in places like Tremblant, Mont Ste. Anne and Le Massif. Not to mention gorgeous hotels like La Ferme at Massif, Auberge Saint-Antoine in Quebec and the Ritz Carlton in Montreal.

Food is never far from one’s mind when thinks about Quebec, and they served up some gorgeous, creamy cheeses from La Belle Province on Tuesday, along with mini-bagels with tangy brisket, wonderful foie gras (of course) and grilled cheese with lobster. Yum.

Tourism minister Pascal Berube told the assembled crowd, and it was most definitely a crowd, that tourism is one of the province’s biggest industries. (This is true across Canada, not that our Prime Minister cares).

I had no idea it was this large, but Berube said a remarkable 86 per cent of all Canadian tourists who visit Quebec are from Ontario. I would’ve thought maybe 65 per cent, but not 86.

Anyway, it’s a great, great province; with not only great food and great cities and festivals but also vast expanses of wilderness and scenic beauty. The Charlevoix area is filled with gorgeous artist villages, and you can go whale watching in the St. Lawrence. Cruise ships love the Saguenay fjords and also the Gaspe peninsula. And the entire north part of the province is filled with quiet lakes and forests teeming with wildlife.

I can personally vouch for Charlevoix’s relaxed, gentle beauty. And I think we all know about Quebec City and Montreal by now. So most definitely a place to keep in mind for your next holiday. Whatever the season.

beach in Dominican RepublicDOMINICAN APP HELPS YOU PLAN

Of course, many of us are more interested in escaping to a sunny Caribbean isle this time of year. If you’re one of the folks in that category, check out the new Dominican Republic app. Called “Go Dominican Republic,” it “puts travel in the palm of travellers’ hands and provides an all-in-one experience to plan, book, manage and maximize upcoming travel.

As a compliment to GoDominicanRepublic.com, the app provides comprehensive tourism information including:

·         GUIDE – Ratings and reviews of the top attractions, shopping, hotels, restaurants, nightlife and events in Dominican Republic.

·         ITINERARY – The ability to create a personalized itinerary.

·         MAP – An offline GPS service that assists in finding nearby restaurants, hotels, attractions and more. The functions and maps are available offline without roaming charges.

·         AROUND ME – Discover the tourism offerings located around a current location.

·         AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) – The tool enhances visitors’ experience by enriching the real world with interactive virtual information that allows travelers to identify the interesting places around them and includes information displays with distances, ratings, prices and hours.

·         SHARE YOUR TRAVEL – Send postcards and images of your vacation directly from the app to friends and family.


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