Great food and wine in the Okanagan Valley, B.C.

The food and wine you probably know about. But did you know the Okanagan features Canada’s only desert? Well, technically the Arctic is a desert but the area around Osoyoos, tucked up against the U.S. border, is what most folks think of when they conjure up images of the desert. You’ll find small cactus and large sagebrush dotting the dry landscape. Not to mention great resorts like Watermark and wonderful wineries and restaurants and lots of things to do. It’s one of my favourite areas of Canada, so here’s a collection of photos from my recent trip.

1-IMG_3240 The Watermark Beach Resort is a wonderful, family friendly spot in Osoyoos, B.C. There’s a fine pool and a great beach on Osoyoos Lake, plus good food and large, condo-style units.

1-IMG_3256Miradoro is a terrific restaurant at the Tinhorn Creek Winery in Oliver, B.C. The views of the nearby vineyards are simply magical and it’s one of the most romantic spots around.

1-IMG_3296A kayak trip, or any other kind of boat ride, is a wonderful way to drink in the beauty of Osoyoos Lake.

1-IMG_3391Heatstroke Cycle rents bikes and also does tours of local wineries using bikes that can be pedalled or ridden as electric bikes; a key feature given the hilly terrrain in the region. The tours are fun and engaging and the wines are outstanding.

1-IMG_3310The Osoyoos Desert Centre is a great place to learn about one of Canada’s only deserts, a harsh environment where plants and animals have learned to adapt over centuries. Truly a marvellous and educational destination.

1-IMG_3439Rustico Winery is a relaxed and fun place to try wines with names like Threesome and Farmer’s Daughter. You’ll even find a pair of Sicilian donkeys outside.

1-IMG_3558Covert Farms in Oliver offers fun tours of their organic vineyards and tasty fruit and vegatable gardens in a 1952 Mercury pickup truck. A wonderful spot to learn about agriculture and wine. The pickup truck tour can only be booked as part of a package booked with the Watermark Beach Resort: http://www.watermarkbeachresort.com/signature-experience


If you’re lucky you might be allowed to get up close and personal with some of the Scottish Highland cattle at Covert Farms.

1-IMG_3566Downtown Kelowna features a ton of sidewalk cafes and fun shops for folks needing a break from bike riding, wine tasting and desert touring.

1-IMG_3569The Hotel Eldorado is a charming spot on Kelowna’s beautiful waterfront.

1-IMG_3577Bouchons Bistro is a romantic, sexy spot in Kelowna serving fine French cuisine. Wonderful wait staff and a very Parisian feel.


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  • Catherine 2 October 2014, 6:42 pm

    Love the photos and your impressions from your visit to Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley, Jim! So glad you had a great time, and that you really got to see a blend of our area’s farmgate experiences as well as the city and fine dining and hotels we can offer. Here are 2 great resources for your readers who want to learn more about our wine trails (www.KelownaWineTrails.com) and Farm to Table experiences (www.KelownaFarmToTable.com) – thanks for sharing your great travel finds with us all!

  • Sam 3 October 2014, 5:04 am

    Jim it was such a pleasure having both you and Barbara visit us in the South Okanagan. We agree, it’s such a special place and are just thrilled you could share your perspective with your readers. The sun is still shining in the Okanagan Valley and we look forward to having you back soon.

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