Jade Mountain in St. Lucia: one of world’s top resorts

JADE MOUNTAIN, SAINT LUCIA – This is a place that has to be seen – and felt – to be believed. The open-air rooms, glossy wood furnishings, private hot tub and private infinity pool are just the start of things, which probably is why the resort was rated the top Caribbean resort this week in the US Condé Nast Traveler 25th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards. It’s the second time in a row, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them make it three next year. Here are some photos to whet your whistle.

Private infinity pools in your open-air suite are a fantastic way to stay cool and enjoy the incredible views of St. Lucia at Jade Mountain . Each pool has different coloured tiles so no two pools are the same. And the views of the Pitons are amazing.

Rooms at Jade Mountain are open to the elements on one side, which is why they provide mosquito netting for the bed. Functional, and also romantic.

The food at Jade Mountain is utterly fantastic, with an emphasis on fresh seafood and locally grown produce. The tropical fruits at breakfast are awesome, and you can’ beat the open-air scenery at the main restaurant. Diners also can eat down the road a few metres at The Treehouse, where you’ll dine with the rainforest a short reach away. And try the bar next door for great live music.

The design at Jade Mountain is wildly inventive, with individual bridges leading to each unit. The result looks a bit to me like the cross-section of a Star Trek space station. But with nicer weather.

The beach (what, you thought I forgot?) at Jade Mountain is a wonderful spot to swim or snorkel, with cozy hammocks and a beach-side restaurant and bar. There’s a private beach a short walk away, and they also have a tennis court, art gallery and boutiques.

Jade Mountain was designed by Vancouver architect Nick Troubetzkoy. There are colourful elements to be found all over the property.

Splashy fountains filled with tropical fish and decorated with wild drops of colour are part of the charm at Jade Mountain.

Watching the sun go down over your private, infinity pool is a magical way to end an afternoon at Jade Mountain.

IMG_7129Mind you, sunrise over the Pitons can be just as sensational if you don’t mind waking up at 6 a.m. or so.

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