January 2015

I can sort of remember the drive in the old days. Thankfully, it’s not like that now. The famous road to Hana on the island of Maui is legendary for its numerous (as in 600 or so) twists and turns and its numberous bridges (54 at last count, many of them one-way). It used to be full of potholes and bumps but the pavement has been smoothed out over the years and it’s now a great road. What used to take hours and hours can now be driven in two hours or less. But don’t hurry; you’ll miss the spectacle ... continue reading →


It never gets old. I’ve been to Maui I think 23 or 24 times now, but I never get tired of the beaches and the mountains and the views, not to mention the food and the towns and the fantastic golf at Kapalua. I thought about playing Kapalua’s Plantation course on my last visit but it’s pretty tough and I was organizing a family round with folks of varying ability. As much as I wanted to play the Plantation loop, where they just finished the Hyundai tournament of champions yesterday, we opted instead for the gentler but still fun Bay ... continue reading →


The other day I talked about my favourite Canadian destinations and travel bits for 2014. Here are some thoughts (okay, a LOT of thoughts) about the U.S. and a couple Caribbean and European spots I visited during the year. Most surprising U.S. destination: Apalachicola, Florida. A super-relaxed, fun town in a quiet section of the Florida panhandle with just the right mix of old-time charm and trendy, new shops. A very good brewpub, too. Most wonderful host: The delightful Anthony Hunte of Hunte’s Gardens in Barbados. A lovely man, great conversationalist and incredible gardener. His garden is always the highlight ... continue reading →