Now Aeroplan members can fly “cash-free”

Aeroplan has always been a great way to fly to exotic – and familiar – parts of the world for a romantic getaway or memory-filled family trip. Now Aeroplan members have the option to fly cash-free.

With a new program that came into place in March, Aeroplan members can use the miles they accumulate with Air Canada and other Aeroplan partners to not only buy tickets but also now to cover the cost of taxes, fees, charges and airline carrier surcharges. Those costs can be an annoyance when they have to be paid in cash, but now you can use your miles to cover those amounts when making a flight reward booking via aeroplan.com, the Aeroplan Mobile app (which I wrote about last month) or through Aeroplan’s Contact Centre.

Here is how it works on aeroplan.com:
1. Find your flight reward via aeroplan.com
2. Select ‘Pay it all with miles’ when given the choice online about taxes, fees, charges and carrier surcharges
3. Enjoy your cash-free flight.

This option is available to Aeroplan members for both of Aeroplan’s Flight Reward products. In Fixed Mileage Flight Rewards, which offer the best value in the industry with a fixed number of seats exclusively offered to members on Air Canada and Star Alliance, and also in Market Fare Flight Rewards, which provide access to any available seat on Air Canada at competitive mileage levels that vary based on market fares at time of booking.

Of course, if you wish you can still use your credit card to cover extra fees.

The pay with miles options will only apply to new flight reward bookings made online, on the mobile app or through the Aeroplan Contact Centre. Changes to existing bookings made prior to March 28 are NOT eligible for the “miles only” option. Aeroplan Miles cannot be used to cover the taxes, fees, charger and carrier surcharges resulting from a change to a flight reward booking if the original booking took place before March 28.

Folks will not be able to pay to “top up” their Aeroplan miles in order to cover the fees, since that would require an extra payment by credit card. Which is what you’re trying to avoid in the first place, right?

I’ve been an Aeroplan member for probably three decades now. I use my points every year to fly out and see my Dad on the west coast, which is of course a priceless trip.

DSCF8279I also used my Aeroplan miles recently for my wife’s ticket home from the Caribbean after an outstanding four-day visit to Anguilla, my new favourite Caribbean island. The beaches go on forever, and the colours are simply magical.

Of course, this time of year you’re more likely to use those points for a trip to Europe or somewhere in Canada, where we can use Canadian dollars and enjoy the comforts of home.

Wherever you go this year, or next, using your Aeroplan Miles has never been easier or more cost-effective. And now you can fly cash-free.

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