May 2017

Calgarians want to go to Toronto, Manila and Delhi. But Torontonians are most interested in looking at flights to Delhi, London and New York City. Cheapflights.ca looked at 11.5 million searches from six major Canadian cities over the last 12 months and came up with some fascinating conclusions about what Canadians are looking for in terms of travel and also what it costs. On a countrywide basis, they found 41% of our searches are for North America, 29% for Asia, 20% for Europe, 5% for Africa and 4% for South America, with just 2% for Oceania. For those searching for ... continue reading →


MAUI, HAWAII – Here’s what great people in Hawaii do for visitors. My son was in Hana, Maui for a couple days this week with his girlfriend but didn’t have a car. I drove them down because I love the drive thought he could take a cab to the Hana airport yesterday to get his flight to Kahului and then connect to a flight to the mainland. But we got to Hana and found out they have no cabs there. I should’ve thought of that as it’s a very small town. I’ve been many times but I stupidly didn’t think ... continue reading →

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First they went low. Now they’re going long. It was just 10 days ago or so that Calgary-based WestJet announced they were going to launch Canada’s first ultra-low-cost air carrier, a move that would see them tangle directly with New Leaf Travel in a sort of Canadian version of Ryanair or Easyjet. On Tuesday, the airline zagged in the opposite direction, announcing it will buy up to 20 Boeing 787 Dreamliners with an eye on grabbing some of Air Canada’s long-distance routes to Asia, Europe and South America. It’s a heckuva plan for a company that still positions itself as ... continue reading →