The aloha spirit of Mokulele Airlines in Hawaii

MAUI, HAWAII – Here’s what great people in Hawaii do for visitors.

My son was in Hana, Maui for a couple days this week with his girlfriend but didn’t have a car. I drove them down because I love the drive thought he could take a cab to the Hana airport yesterday to get his flight to Kahului and then connect to a flight to the mainland. But we got to Hana and found out they have no cabs there. I should’ve thought of that as it’s a very small town. I’ve been many times but I stupidly didn’t think about the lack of cabs.

A staff member at the hotel they were staying at said their manager would take them but that she’d be away on their departure day. So on my way out of town on Thursday I stopped at the Hana airport and found someone from the airline, Mokulele. Her comment didn’t surprise me, but it speaks volumes about Hawaii.

“Oh, don’t worry,” she said. “I’ll pick them up at their hotel. I have to be at work an hour or so before the flight and their hotel is on my way to work. I”ll get them for you.”

She (her name is Hala) gave me her cell and home numbers and a number for the airline and my son arranged the pickup. She swung by their hotel at 4 something for a flight around 5 p.m.and delivered them a couple miles up the road to the tiny Hana airport.

Not only that, they were the only two people on a nine-seater aircraft, so the pilots took the time to show them various points of interest on the coast of Maui between Hana and the main airport in Kahului. Chris said it was a tremendous experience.

I’ve never flown with Mokulele, but I will now. Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) for treating my son and his girlfriend with such kindness. That’s the aloha spirit of Hawaii.

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  • Debbie Bruce 7 May 2017, 11:22 pm

    This is why we love Hawaii…
    Maui no ka oi…There’s no place like Maui…

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