Forget Taylor Swift or movie stars; millenials would rather travel with Grandma

Canadian millennials would rather take grandma on their bucket list trips than a movie star.

Hotels.com surveyed Canadian millennials and found that 40% would rather complete their bucket list trips with their parents or grandparents than anyone else. Only 11 % said they’d want to complete their trips with a celebrity. 28% said they’d want to go with a sibling and 25% said they’d like to go alone.

As well, almost one-in-five millennials (18%) said they get their travel inspiration from parents or grandparents.

Canadian millenials love taking buckeet list trips with their parents and grandparents.

I don’t know about you, but in these days of negative news I love that millennials want to travel more with Mom or Dad or Grandpa and Grandma than they do with the latest celebrity of the month. Then again, as my wife joked when I told her of the study, maybe they think Grandma and Grandpa or their parents will pay for the trip.

“This new trend of millennials looking to their out-there elders for travel inspiration is fascinating,” said Josh Belkin, Vice President and General Manager, North America for hotels.com. “We want to encourage everyone to start their bucket list adventures, but if you need advice, make sure you check in with your glam-ma first!”

The study also found that millennials appear to be travelling in a different fashion than many folks. The hotels.com report said millennials feel that exploring off-the-beaten-path towns (44%), trying unique street food (43%) and learning new languages and skills (37%) are more important than walking the Great Wall of China or checking out the Eiffel Tower.

Thirty one per cent of millennials said they want to cook with a celebrity chef on holiday, while 30% said they want to party with a celebrity.

Millenials also said they want to try unusual things on their bucket list trips, such as singing karaoke in Tokyo (19%), diving for pearls (17%), watching a drag show (16%) or creating their own graffiti street art (11%).
Getting a selfie at a waterfall was on 29% of the bucket lists, while a mountain-top selfie got a 25% approval rating.

Paris is a city millenials definitely want to check out.

The research report was conducted by hotels.com to celebrate its rewards program, which gives members one free hotel night for every ten stayed. The report also identified the destinations Canadian travellers would most love to spend their free night; Paris (25%), Tokyo (23%), New York (22%), Sydney (22%) and Rome (19%) make up the top five.

The study also asked Canadian millennials their bucket list preferences for a place to stay. Here are the top 10 responses:

1. A castle (41%)
2. The Ritz, Paris (40%)
3. Four Seasons, Bora Bora (32%)
4. A treehouse hotel (30%)
5. An underwater hotel (30%)
6. A beach shack (29%)
7. A palace (29%)
8. The Plaza, New York (27%)
9. The Savoy, London (25%)
10. Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi (23%)

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