Toronto places 13th on new list of world’s top cities; best in Canada. London takes top spot

The newest version of the Best Cities in the World report by the respected Resonance Consulting group has been released, and it’s another feather in Toronto’s proverbial cap.

The latest Resonance report puts Toronto squarely at #13 on the planet, ahead of such renowned cities as Sydney (25), San Diego (20), and Vancouver (29).

Here’s what the report said about Toronto:

“Canada’s largest city has always been a hedge for people and capital—from English companies moving here in the ‘70s from Francophone Montréal to immigrants seeking a foothold to start a better life.

The thing about welcoming everyone is that many appreciate the hospitality and never leave, creating a diversity of individuals that blends into a unified critical mass. With almost half of its population foreign-born, Toronto powered into the world’s #13 best city based on its diversity and Education Attainment by residents—the two components of our People category.

The city’s open doors, combined with its financial density (with a Global 500 head office ranking of eighth) has resulted in unprecedented downtown density and local satisfaction with just staying put, egged on by real estate wealth and whatever nickname Drake gives his beloved hometown in a particular week.”

They also cited the city’s openness, sports teams, fine food scene and other bits.

Here’s the top 10, by the way: London, New York, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai, Barcelona, San Francisco and Chicago.

The top Canadian cities were Toronto (13), Vancouver (29), Calgary (34), Montreal (41), Ottawa (51) and Edmonton (60).

The top US cities were New York City (2), San Francisco (9), Chicago (10), Los Angeles (12), Boston (15), Las Vegas (18), Seattle (19), San Diego (20), Washington DC (21) and San Jose, California (26).

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