Travel is a big part of who I am. My parents often told me I was conceived in Rome, which is too much information for a kid if you ask me. I met my wife on a train trip, oddly enough, while travelling to Rome. I grew up in California but have lived in Toronto for more than three decades, and I try to bring the world to my readers with a bit of a Canadian perspective and a generous dose of humour. (Sorry, U.S. audience, that would be humor for you).

I was travel editor for five years at the Toronto Star, which has the largest travel section in North America, and I’ve had my own travel blog for years. I now write destination stories for several publications, including five items a month for Postmedia and Sun Media websites and newspapers across Canada. My work also appears in the Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, Zoomer magazine, Canadian Traveller and The Australian newspaper, as well as Travelzoo Canada’s website. I love every kind of travel, from Canadian mountains to European cities. I also adore a good beach, old time rock and roll and a nice glass of red wine, though usually not at the same time.

Follow me on Facebook and Pinterest at jimbyerstravel and check my photos and videos on Instragram @jimbyerstravel1. You also can keep up with my thoughts on the travel industry and the world in general on my Twitter feed @jimbyerstravel. Or contact me the old fashioned way by emailing me at jim@jimbyerstravel.com. Thanks. And happy travels!