Canadian National Parks

This is a remarkably diverse country we have here in Canada; with wide oceans and pristine mountain lakes and a rich cultural heritage. Here’s a list of some great activities and sights you can find across the country this summer. WATERTON LAKES N.P., ALBERTA This province is justifiably famous for its brilliant national parks, the best known being Banff and Jasper. They’re both awesome, but also can be packed with tourists. Authorities were turning folks away from Lake Louise in recent days, insisting that only folks with hotel reservations could use the crowded roads. Less crowded but just as striking ... continue reading →


I’m lucky enough to have called Canada home for 34 years now. And I’ve been lucky enough to have visited many of its precious and beautiful corners, from Bonavista to Vancouver Island. Here’s a look at the provinces (plus the Yukon) I’ve made it to so far. Happy Canada Day one and all.