How’s this for a sweet holiday treat? I’m giving away a two-night stay (count ‘em, TWO NIGHTS) for two in deluxe accommodations at the swanky, newly renovated Eaton Chelsea Hotel downtown! It’s a beautiful property, complete with a terrific indoor pool and lots of other amenities. And they’ve done a great job redoing the place and adding lots of classy touches. The deal also includes, wait for it, free hotel parking, dinner for both of you at the onsite restaurant T|Bar AND a $100 SHOP! Card to the nearby Toronto Eaton Centre. That’s a massive holiday deal. Reservations have to ... continue reading →


By now, I’m hoping you’ve heard about the famous Sour Toe swallow up in Dawson City. For years, they’ve had a grizzled, green, gross-looking preserved toe on display at the Downtown Hotel. Brave souls (I did it) take a drink of pop or whiskey or what have you with the digit floating inside in what’s called the Sour Toe Cocktail. If the toe touches your lips when you drink, you get to join the Sour Toe club and you get your name on a certificate. Mine is not proudly displayed on my mantle but I have it somewhere. They’ve had ... continue reading →