Nice Canadians? I don’t think so. At least not when it comes to travel and social media. The latest study by hotels.com finds that our mobile phones have become such a part of our lives that we’re willing to skip sightseeing or time at the beach to do our social media updates. The study said 36 per cent of Canadian travellers admit to uploading photos to social media to gloat, while 20 per cent admit to checking into places on social media just to make friends jealous. Isn’t that awful? I feel BADLY when I post great photos from Canada ... continue reading →


It’s a Millenials’ world, folks. You may have heard about the so-called “Instagram Hotel” in Sydney, Australia. No? Well, it’s a property called the 1888 Hotel that was designed to be incredibly photographable and thus appeal to folks who understand that words like “Hefe,” “Crema” and “Lo-Fi” aren’t flavours at Baskin-Robbins or types of stereos but rather filters you can use for Instagram photos. The hotel is not only achingly pretty to look at but they’ll give folks free rooms if they have 10,000 Instagram followers. They’ve received more publicity than many hotels with enormous p.r. budgets, so it’s been ... continue reading →


By now, I’m hoping you’ve heard about the famous Sour Toe swallow up in Dawson City. For years, they’ve had a grizzled, green, gross-looking preserved toe on display at the Downtown Hotel. Brave souls (I did it) take a drink of pop or whiskey or what have you with the digit floating inside in what’s called the Sour Toe Cocktail. If the toe touches your lips when you drink, you get to join the Sour Toe club and you get your name on a certificate. Mine is not proudly displayed on my mantle but I have it somewhere. They’ve had ... continue reading →