Four Seasons

One of the great things about New York City is that the tourism folks don’t rest on their laurels. They come to Toronto regularly, for example, to talk about what’s new and what folks should see. They stage events all over the world to try to lure tourists to their city. They don’t just assume (as does Italy) that everyone will want to come there, so they WORK for their business. And it’s paying off. Last year, NYC welcomed a record 58.3 million visitors, their sixth straight record-breaking year. Some 12.3 million of those folks were international visitors, including a ... continue reading →

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Hotel Wi-Fi is one of those touchstone issues travellers love to talk about. Who’s got the best? And who’s got it for free? There’s a new study out from Hotel WiFi Test that ranks hotels around the world, which is a great idea. The bad news for Canadians is there’s no Canada table. But there is date for Europe and the U.S. and Asia, so it’s still pretty useful. And a bit surprising. Despite continuing criticism, there are far too many hotels in the U.S. that charge for Wi-Fi, which I’ve argued is like charging for water in the shower ... continue reading →


I’ve had the good luck to visit 45 or 46 (I think) of the states in the U.S. I haven’t been to North Dakota or Oklahoma or Kansas or Arkansas, so I can’t say this is complete. And there are a lot of incredible properties I haven’t seen in the states I HAVE been to. But I’ve seen a few pretty cool ones, so here’s a list of some MY favourite spots for romance in the U.S. of A., just in time for Valentine’s Day. Travaasa Hana: One of my favourite hotels in the world (see sunrise photo above), with ... continue reading →