Longitude 131

A beautiful reef that’s far closer to shore than the Great Barrier Reef. Tropical islands in the Indian Ocean I didn’t know about. Fantastic wineries, river cruises and luxury lodges. Oh, and a series of gorges with brilliant waterfalls and that famous Australian red rock. I just finished up a visit to Australia for what’s called the Australia Tourism Exchange. They had writers from around the world, including two Canadians, fly to Brisbane for a conference held in Surfer’s Paradise, about an hour south of Brisbane on The Gold Coast. All to talk about tourism and travel opportunities in Australia. ... continue reading →

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In case you missed it (and I was away for the big event, unfortunately), there’s been a pretty major development in the travel biz here in Canada. The folks at National Geographic, who’ve been quietly adding a TON of travel trips and excursions to their well-respected portfolio, have joined forces with Toronto-based G Adventures to offer a wide package of enticing trips to historic and unusual parts of the world under the name National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures. It’s a pretty interesting mix, as G Adventures provides a younger, more vibrant audience than an established group like National Geographic ... continue reading →