Banff is beautiful. Montreal is marvellous. And Whistler is wonderful. Everyone knows about those places. But what about the nitty gritty places, the out of the way towns and goofy sights that folks like to explore? I’ve been a full-time travel writer in Canada for nearly nine years, and in that time I’ve had the chance to check out more than a few out-of-the-way or lesser known spots. With that in mind, here’s a look at some Canadian alternative spots for great food or goofy Instagram photos or just plain good times. Because it’s our 150th birthday on Saturday, I’m ... continue reading →


This is a remarkably diverse country we have here in Canada; with wide oceans and pristine mountain lakes and a rich cultural heritage. Here’s a list of some great activities and sights you can find across the country this summer. WATERTON LAKES N.P., ALBERTA This province is justifiably famous for its brilliant national parks, the best known being Banff and Jasper. They’re both awesome, but also can be packed with tourists. Authorities were turning folks away from Lake Louise in recent days, insisting that only folks with hotel reservations could use the crowded roads. Less crowded but just as striking ... continue reading →


I didn’t know a lot about Saskatoon prior to my first visit late last summer. What I found was a surprising city with wonderful people, sophisticated dining, great shopping areas and a lovely setting with a huge variety of things to do. Here’s a photo essay from a memorable trip to Saskatchewan.


SASKATOON – There are so many changes going on in this great Saskatchewan city. Here’s a look at a few highlights from my trip this week. Saskatoon has smartly invested in a massive riverside park system. There are some 70 km’s of trails for biking and walking, and they’re adding a cool new art museum to the mix. Stunning views of the city and, in summer, great spots for swimming or boating. Riversdale is an area of the city undergoing a huge transformation. Buy a perfect iced coffee at Collective Coffee and sit outside on the sidewalk and watch the ... continue reading →


Jim Byers photo The James Hotel in Saskatoon offers fabulous views of the city and the S. Saskatchewan River. SASKATOON – In May of this year I was pleasantly surprised by new businesses and cool restaurants in Edmonton in my first visit in a couple years. This time, I made my first ever touch down (pardon the Riders speak) in Saskatoon . And was nearly blown away. If Edmonton is showing signs of a cool, new vibe, it’s in full flight in Saskatoon, which locals tell me has undergone a sea change. How much of a change? Enough that I’d ... continue reading →

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