I’ve been lucky enough to explore most corners of this vast country of ours. I’ve kicked around Quebec City, cycled around Calgary and even take a motorcycle sidecar tour of Halifax. I’ve also found more than a few places that I think deserve more attention than they get. Here’s a look at some of them. WOLFVILLE, NOVA SCOTIA With a tidy downtown that stretches only a couple blocks, this is a town you want to pick up and hug. There’s good local wine (try Luckett Vineyards on a nearby hillside with great views) and, of course, fresh seafood. I’ll probably ... continue reading →


We in eastern Canada hear a good deal about Vancouver and Victoria and the rest of Vancouver Island. Likely anyone who reads travel stories is familiar with Whistler and probably the Okanagan, home to lovely deserts, wineries and more. I’ve had a good deal of experience with those locations, so when the folks at British Columbia tourism last year suggested The Sunshine Coast, I jumped at the idea. Over the space of three or four days it became one of my favourite spots in Canada; kind of a cross between B.C. and California; with great hotels, lovely scenery, nice spas ... continue reading →


This is getting harder. Now that I’m travelling a lot more (and not tied to the desk as much as when I was the Toronto Star Travel editor, a post I left in August, 2013), my year-end “Jimmy Awards” are proving a little more tricky. I did a fair bit of travelling in Canada this year, hitting all the provinces except Newfoundland and New Brunswick. Which means I have a great many more things to single out than in previous years. Which is why I’m splitting up the Jimmy’s into two categories: Canada and the rest of the world. I’ll ... continue reading →

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A trip along the Sunshine Coast is an outstanding way to enjoy the beauty of British Columbia. This was my first time visiting, and it will certainly not be my last. I fell in love with the people, not to mention the craggy hills and zig-zag harbours. There’s excellent kayaking and boating, as well as hiking and shopping. And the resorts are terrific, too.