KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO – Henry Noestheden and Cor Boon had hoped to start things slow. Maybe ease into their chocolate-making business a little, as a pair of guys aged 68 and 75, respectively, might want to do. But on their second day of business at ODG Chocolates (it stands for Old Dutch Guys) they sold one of their bird-shaped chocolates to a journalist who was heading to nearby Pelee Island and wanted to give a gift to a bird-loving author who spends her summers there. Yeah, a certain Canadian writer named Margaret Atwood. “She loved the bird so much she put ... continue reading →

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Lennon and McCartney. Lemon and lime. Golf and Scotch. Some things in life just go together. They grow in similar climates. They grew up together. Or, like golf and Scotch, they hail from the same country and count as perhaps a nation’s greatest two inventions. I like to think the first game of golf was followed by the winner buying a dram for the boys. Or maybe girls. Or perhaps golf created Scotch. I mean, maybe one day long, long ago a guy in the Scottish Highlands was whipping his mashie club along a particularly peaty bit of soil and ... continue reading →


TORONTO – The new Delta Toronto hotel is slated to open Nov. 27. I can’t say for sure, but it looks to me like it’ll be a smashing success. It’s got a lot of style; with plenty of natural wood (mostly Canadian white oak, I was told) and nice, local art work and large rooms; the smallest being about 370 square feet and the largest suite a whopping 1,295 square feet. The 567-room property is on the north side of Bremner Blvd., west of the Air Canada Centre and the Telus building and just east of the Convention Centre and ... continue reading →