ISLAMORADA, FLORIDA – It’s one of those perfect January days in the Florida Keys. The parking lot at Robbie’s Marina in Islamorada is full, and the patio at The Hungry Tarpon is crowded with visitors soaking up the sun along a stretch of perfect, green-blue water. There was a big crowd at dinner the night before at Lazy Days restaurant, where diners sat at tables on the verandah on a clear, blue-sky night and listened to a singer warble Neil Young and Jimmy Buffett tunes. A lot of folks in the Florida Keys are doing just fine after the devastation ... continue reading →


Toronto’s favourite winter culinary celebration is back, and Aeroplan members can get to the front of the line. Winterlicious runs in Toronto from Jan. 26 to Feb. 8, with fantastic three-course, prix fixe lunches and dinners at more than 200 restaurants. The general public doesn’t get to make reservations until Thursday, Jan. 11. But Aeroplan members can book their favourite dining spot starting Wednesday, Jan. 10 to be sure they get the meal they want at a great price. Top restaurants taking part include Canteen, Bar Buca, and Canoe. On Jan. 10 only, Aeroplan members can make advance reservations by ... continue reading →


WestJet and Air Canada appear to be going in opposite directions when it comes to seat-back entertainment on Canada’s most popular airlines. And Americans might be losing quite a lot of them. In a story first published in The New York Times, it was stated that some airlines are taking away the popular seat-back screens that show movies and TV shows on airplanes around the world. They’re expensive to install – about $10,000 USD per seat – and they also weigh a great deal. The Times story said some airlines are looking at the number of passengers who now carry ... continue reading →


Another busy year in the old rear-view mirror, with fabulous memories of cliffside walks on laid-back Molokai to terrific tours of Wrigley Field and buttery biscuits in Chicago. Not to mention a wonderful Bordeaux wine cruise, crazy beautiful mountains in the south of France, awesome ice cream in North Carolina and one of the most memorable meals of my life on the border between Napa and Sonoma counties in California. Here’s a look at my favourite experiences and photos from the U.S. and the rest of world for 2017. Best Hawaii hike: A short walk along the cliffs of northwest ... continue reading →


What a fantastic year. Our 150th birthday as a country, and another 12 months of a ridiculously overbooked travel schedule. Here’s a look back at some Canadian highlights of 2017, including great BBQ in B.C., sleeping in a former brothel in the Yukon and a sleek southern Ontario winery run almost entirely by women. The “How Did I Not Know How Beautiful This Place Was” Destination of the Year: Eastern Townships, Quebec. Lovely villages, surprisingly large hills and great places to stay, including Auberge West Brome (https://www.awb.ca/en/), Spa Eastman (http://www.spa-eastman.com/en/) and Ripplecove Lakefront Hotel and Spa. (http://ripplecove.com/en/) Best sporting moment: ... continue reading →

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Anyone who travels knows that sinking feeling you get when you’re hungry prior to a flight but worried about getting through a long security lineup. You kind of say to yourself, “Hey, this is a big airport. I’ll go through security and then get a meal on the other side.” So you line up, take off your shoes and belt and go through the scanners. Then you get to the other side. And, whammo. Not a restaurant in sight. Instead of dining on a bowl of fresh pasta and that arugula salad with a glass of good Italian wine you ... continue reading →


Our 150th birthday party is almost over. But there’s still a lot to celebrate when you live in a country as great as ours. Here’s one traveller’s take on great places to visit in Canada in our 151st year. St. John’s This has always been one of my favourite cities in Canada. It’s gotten even better lately with the addition of great restaurants such as The Merchant Tavern, a hip and happening spot run by the folks behind the very successful Raymonds. A new Alt Hotel recently opened in town, part of the marvellous, Montreal-based Groupe Germain that also operate ... continue reading →