Leaving our hats in the bedroom closet. Forgetting our passports. And leaving our kids’ favourite toys under the bed at home. Just in time for the Christmas holiday season, the folks at booking.com have released a fun survey that shows the most common mistakes Canadians make when they leave for a winter vacation. We’re pretty good at remembering to take our kids with us (no Home Alone situations, thank goodness), some 88% of Canadians routinely forget to take their child’s favourite toy or comforter/blanket when they go away. This is easy to do when one has to remember travel documents ... continue reading →


That perfect castle on a cool hilltop in Europe. That amazing overwater bungalow you saw in Tahiti on TV. Or perhaps the latest boutique spot for hipsters in Hollywood or Vancouver. We all could use a break. And now the folks at Booking.com, the global leader in connecting travellers with the widest choice of where to stay, is giving Canadians a chance at just that. Booking.com is marking the addition of their one millionth property with an “epic competition” that will give some lucky Canadian a week in the one-in-a-million property of their choice. Their new contest is open to ... continue reading →

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