I’ve been using my Aeroplan points for the better part of two decades, often cashing in to buy flights for my wife or for my family to visit my Dad in California. One thing I’ve learned is that it’s good to take advantage of special offers to boost your points. Aeroplan often has great specials and bonus point programs, and it’s crazy to not take advantage. That goes especially for the latest round of specials, which Aeroplan is practically begging you to use by handing out special tips on how to maximize your card. Tip number one, of course, is ... continue reading →


Canadians have been known to complain about their travel rewards’ programs from time to time. Aeroplan, the rewards program that provides points for folks who fly with Air Canada and other airlines, and who buy products at Esso stations or shop at other Aeroplan partners, is no exception. As a travel writer, I occasionally hear someone grumble about Aeroplan. As a traveller myself, I use Aeroplan a lot, so I understand. I’ve been an Aeroplan member for 30-something years, give or take, and it’s not perfect. I can’t always find the flight I want for the number of points I’d ... continue reading →


This is getting harder. Now that I’m travelling a lot more (and not tied to the desk as much as when I was the Toronto Star Travel editor, a post I left in August, 2013), my year-end “Jimmy Awards” are proving a little more tricky. I did a fair bit of travelling in Canada this year, hitting all the provinces except Newfoundland and New Brunswick. Which means I have a great many more things to single out than in previous years. Which is why I’m splitting up the Jimmy’s into two categories: Canada and the rest of the world. I’ll ... continue reading →

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