MAUI, HAWAII – Here’s what great people in Hawaii do for visitors. My son was in Hana, Maui for a couple days this week with his girlfriend but didn’t have a car. I drove them down because I love the drive thought he could take a cab to the Hana airport yesterday to get his flight to Kahului and then connect to a flight to the mainland. But we got to Hana and found out they have no cabs there. I should’ve thought of that as it’s a very small town. I’ve been many times but I stupidly didn’t think ... continue reading →

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MAUI – One of the great things about this island is its flexibility. You can stay at a glittering, luxurious property on the dry side of the island. Or at a casual, luxury property on the edge of a rainforest. You can stay at a hip spot steps from fabulous restaurants and bars. Or you can bed down at a superb hotel on the edge of one of the world’s best beaches. Here’s a look at five places where you can get just about any kind of experience you desire. IN THE ACTION Lahaina is one of the great towns ... continue reading →


I can sort of remember the drive in the old days. Thankfully, it’s not like that now. The famous road to Hana on the island of Maui is legendary for its numerous (as in 600 or so) twists and turns and its numberous bridges (54 at last count, many of them one-way). It used to be full of potholes and bumps but the pavement has been smoothed out over the years and it’s now a great road. What used to take hours and hours can now be driven in two hours or less. But don’t hurry; you’ll miss the spectacle ... continue reading →


I’ve had the good luck to visit 45 or 46 (I think) of the states in the U.S. I haven’t been to North Dakota or Oklahoma or Kansas or Arkansas, so I can’t say this is complete. And there are a lot of incredible properties I haven’t seen in the states I HAVE been to. But I’ve seen a few pretty cool ones, so here’s a list of some MY favourite spots for romance in the U.S. of A., just in time for Valentine’s Day. Travaasa Hana: One of my favourite hotels in the world (see sunrise photo above), with ... continue reading →